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We apologize for any inconvenience, but we want to make sure Alderman Cappleman understands that we, the neighbors and residents of the 46th ward, don’t want this development as currently proposed in our community.

With the May 24 City of Chicago Planning Commission hearing looming, it’s critical that you re-sign now to stop this bad deal for East Lakeview! You can also help us spread the word by sharing it with your neighbors and friends on Facebook and by email.


This is the most recently proposed 3750 N Halsted/818 W Bradley Development from Ald. Cappleman’s Website. Halsted Neighbors are concerned and we think you should be too!

Building Design & Rezoning Requirements

  • The proposed “mega-development” (13,400 sq. ft of commercial space and approx. 270 apartments) at the southwest corner of Halsted and Bradley (818 West Bradley) is not in synch with the character of the community or the preferences of a majority of area residents. For that reason it should be re-considered by Alderman Cappleman, JDL Development, as well as city zoning and planning officials.

  • The 15-story design being shoved down the East Lake View’s throat would be one of the tallest and largest buildings on Halsted, from the Loop to the northern tip of the city. It would have a devastating impact on the immediate community. It must be re-considered. It is a 200% increase in existing zoning requirements from five stories to 15, opening the floodgates to even more out-sized development.

  • Independent impact studies and reports suggest this development would bring too much density, too fast; too much traffic and more parking woes to area homeowners already frustrated by high degrees of density and congestion related to Wrigley Field.

  • The character and the quality of life in East Lakeview (ELV) will suffer if this mega-development is built, and the Alderman will be further emboldened to work against the expressed interest of the citizens he was elected to represent.

    A Flawed Process

  • The process has been flawed and non-inclusive from the outset. Alderman Cappleman and JDL Development REFUSE to acknowledge opposition from East Lake View residents, or to negotiate in good faith. Residents are furious that the Alderman will not address community objections, but instead says the development is “a done deal.”

  • A broad coalition of nearly 1,000 concerned residents, more than 80 businesses and more than a dozen area condo associations (representing more than 700 residents) have aligned to oppose the proposed mega-development. Not only does Alderman Cappleman not acknowledge us, he repeatedly states the development is “a done deal.”

  • The Developers purchased the property with full knowledge of the zoning in place. Why would they expect a 200% “up zoning” of the property?

  • Very few impacted residents received appropriate notice of the Alderman’s public meetings regarding the proposed development

    An Adverse Impact on Area Businesses

  • The Northalsted Business Alliance (NHBA), representing more than 80 area businesses, is being ignored by Alderman Cappleman and JDL. NHBA opposes the plan and has repeatedly expressed its opposition in writing and in face-to-face meetings with the Alderman and/or his staff.

  • 13,400 sq. ft. of new retail space with insufficient retail parking is bad for all business owners on North Halsted, where parking is a problematic issue. Increased traffic congestion, combined with a shortage of parking, will hurt area businesses.

  • The JDL design is the first step toward MORE mega-development in the ward, including big-box retailers, which JDL threatened to put on the site if the Alderman refused to approve the rental towers.

  • The developer and Alderman are not negotiating in good faith. The Alderman said the developer threatened to build a 75,000-square foot, big-box retail outlet on the site if it didn’t obtain approval for its mega-development.

  • Traffic congestion in the area would be a nightmare. Existing peak hour traffic on Bradley Place will increase from 20-30 vehicles to 120-200. Furthermore, additional site traffic would conflict with pedestrians and bicycles crossing Bradley Place at Halsted Street.

  • The three way intersection of Halsted, Grace and Broadway would suffer traffic gridlock with the proposed entrances to the mega development on Halsted between Grace and Bradley.

    An Adverse Impact on Area Homeowners

  • Area homeowners – especially those in the immediate area (Grace, Bradley, Fremont, Waveland and Halsted) – will very likely suffer from reduced property values if the new building is constructed. Many will lose natural light, suffer from momentous increases in density and congestion, and see city water, sewerage and electric infrastructure greatly taxed at their expense.

  • With Alderman Cappleman’s blessing, re-zoning will set the stage for even more mega-development in communities that don’t want it.

    An Adverse Impact on Gill Park Co-op (GPC)

  • Gill Park Co-op is an affordable housing co-op building at 810 West Grace. Many of its residents are minorities, although it’s diverse in terms of income and race. They are among those who will be most negatively impacted if Cappleman and JDL get their way.

  • The planned development ignores and frustrates long-held plans to give GPC residents a chance to achieve the American Dream by one day owning their units via a plan to transition from a cooperative to affordable condos for long-time residents and future residents.

  • GPC residents have collectively and repeatedly offered to work with the Alderman and JDL, only to be given “lip service.” The new development should not come at the cost of damaging low-income residents who’ve lived in the neighborhood for decades.

  • GPC residents will suffer from construction chaos for a year, and it will devastate plans to transition to affordable condos since bank funding for the GPC project would be severely compromised.


    East Lakeview residents and voters can stop this insider deal today. It’s our community and the Alderman works for us not JDL. Stand up and be heard! Sign our online petition today.

    Here are revisions provided by JDL to the Alderman, several alternate proposals developed by Halsted Neighbors, and several letters sent to the City of Chicago Department of Zoning and Planning:

    We do not believe that this planned project should be allowed to exceed the height provided for by the site’s existing zoning or that Bradley Place should be reconfigured to accommodate this development. We are open-minded about other uses, and are discussing the fact that Chicago is very short on green space, among other options.

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